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Frequently Asked Questions

On the top right-hand side of your screen, you will see your organisation name. Click on the name and select My Account from the dropdown menu. Click the Change Password button, enter your new password and click Update

You will receive email alerts about grants that are relevant to your organisation. Alerts are generated when:

- a new grant is added to GEM that is a match for your organisation

- a deadline on your Grants Calendar changes

- a grant that was a match for you is changed (e.g. its criteria or geographic focus changes), meaning that it is no longer relevant and may need to be removed from your Grants Calendar

- a grant that was previously not relevant to you has a change of focus, making it now relevant to you.

- a grant on your Grants Calendar is deleted from the system.

Yes, each staff member in your organisation using the system has their own unique login details. One person from your organisation has 'administration' access and can add or remove access for other staff members. 

You can also sign up staff members to receive email alerts, without them having access to the GEM account.

No. We strongly advocate that you continue to record all donor transactions on your internal donor database. The intention of the GEM Portal is to provide you with relevant, up-to-date research alerts, and allow you to manage your Grants Calendar updates incorporating the latest grant information in the Strategic Grants database. It also allows you to log your applications, their outcomes and acquittal/accountability report due dates. In no way should the GEM Portal replace your organisation's donor database.
No. Your Grants Calendar is created specifically for your organisation and is visible only by users who log in to your organisation's account. Any application information and details about relationships with funders entered into your GEM Portal is protected in the same way. No two GEM Portals are the same, and the information within is confidential, visible only to the relevant organisation and the Strategic Grants team. Your organisation's privacy is our number one concern.
Yes! If you fill in the Report Due Date fields on Application records, the system will keep an eye on them and send an email reminder to any users registered for accountability funder report alerts, ahead of their due date. Your organisation's main user (with administration rights to the system) can set the timeframe for how far ahead of the deadline these alerts are sent.