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Youngcare At Home Care Grants - NSW (2019) View Grant Back

$5,001 - $10,000

Between $2,000 - $10,000.

Up to 12 months

Not Specified

Not Specified




Not Specified

Not Specified

Not Specified

May cofund / Not specified

Not Specified

Awards Monetary, Equipment, General

Nonprofit legal entity (inc. assn, company, coop. or trust), Individual

Not Specified

Name Emails Phones
Youngcare Connect youngcareconnect@youngcare.com.au
1800 844 727
Shane Jamieson sjamieson@youngcare.com.au
07 3041 3400

Aims to enhance the standard of living for young people (aged 18-65) with high care needs and their carers, and prevent further admissions of young people into aged care facilities. One-off grants for the provision of essential support items such as hoists, wheelchairs, emergency respite care and modifications to make homes disability friendly.

Non-government organisations that currently provide care and support to young people living with a disability can apply on behalf of their client/s. Grant recipients must reside in NSW. Eligible individuals: aged 18-65, at high risk of placement into residential aged care; living with a recognised disability at home and have the support of a registered non-government organisation. Note: individuals with or without NDIS funding can apply.

Individuals under 18 years or over 65 requiring palliative care living with a condition not recognised as a disability. Individuals living in permanent residential aged care or supported accommodation. Any application supported by a government organisation (local, state, or federal) or organisation with outstanding acquittals (acquittals not received within 12 months).

Paul McLean (Chair); Anthony Ryan; Clare Sultman; Jamie Shine; John Tyquin; Matthew Kayrooz; Nic De Luca; Peter Hudson; Tina Davey; Samantha Evans.

Examples of successful application items: Pool hoist, speech-generating device, ramps, respite, air conditioning, adjustable beds, in-home support, walking frame, wheelchair modification.

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