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On this page we provide general Funder News and tips about grant seeking. As you click through the other screens, the content is customised to show only grants information that is relevant to your organisation.

News and Updates

  • Welcome to GEM Portal News 01/10/2018

    This is where you will find the latest industry information. Some examples of the news updates follow.

  • Podcast 03/09/2018

    Have you listened to our latest podcast Episodes? #3 is on Key Messages and #4 covers the basics of Project Budgets. Find them under the free resources tab of our website!

  • ABS Community Trust renamed Foundation West 01/04/2018

    The ABS Community Trust has changed its name to Foundation West. Funding details and rounds remain unchanged at present. See http://www.foundationwest.org.nz/

  • ABC Foundation - Change to application process 28/02/2018

    The ABC Foundation has introduced a two step process for their bi-annual grant rounds. Step 1 is a submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI) due on 1 August 20xx. Shortlisted applicants will then be invited to submit a full application http://www.a-b-c-foundation.com/apply-now

  • Mt Brown Mining Community Development Fund closed 27/02/2018

    Mt Brown Mining has sold their Nelson site, and the Community Development Fund will not be taking applications in the 2018 year.

  • Philanthropy People and J.U.M.P. announce $500,000 grant for NFPs 27/02/2018

    J.U.M.P. and Philanthropy People have announced a $500,000 grant to help not-for-profits establish and grow social enterprises. Read more about the initiative here https://third-sector-demo.com.au/jump/news/

Grant Tips



    New tips

    This is where you’ll find the latest tips, hints and helpful info from Strategic Grants HQ.



    Match projects

    Some funders have success rates of less than 15% for grant applications because demand is so high. Be sure to match projects to grant opportunities strategically!



    Engage with funders

    Funder engagement is critical. Where possible, speak to a funder about your project before submitting an application.



    Plan projects

    A successful grants program requires well-documented project plans that can be matched to upcoming deadlines. Help project leaders develop plans as part of your grants strategy.



    Seek feedback

    Wherever possible, seek feedback on unsuccessful grant applications. Some applicants are successful on a second attempt after addressing critical funder feedback.